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Professional Designed Invisible Orthodontic

Clear Aligners Laboratory and Advisors

clear ortodontics clear aligners

What is Invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics is one of the orthodontic systems most patients want and it’s possible because of the use or clear aligners.

This preference is mainly due to its high level of aesthetics, comfort and accuracy in the treatment outcome.

The “transparent orthodontics” use transparent aligners, individualized, removable that are also called clear aligners.

The planning treatment objectives define the alingers kit and the secuence in a computerized way so the results are much more predictable.

Aligner systems or transparent aligners perform gradual and safe tooth movements.

This accuracy is only possible through CAD-CAM technology by scanning the impressions or direct intraoral scanning.

The invisible orthodontics has a series of advantages in relation to conventional orthodontic systems

We are a laboratory that works together with the professional of Dentistry to design the treatment to follow and provide the aligners necessary for each treatment.

We have international coverage.

Doctor: you can become a Smile Aligner Certified Professional (SACP).

Just apply for a membership to be trainned


We are also Doctors with more than 20 years experience and we can help you to add the clear alingers technology to your dental office.