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Smile Aligner

Smile Aligner is a type of orthodontics that allows correcting tooth alignment problems and malocclusions in a very discreet way, being practically invisible. Therefore, its main advantage is aesthetics.

The Smile Aligner technique in the placement of transparent aligners, so they provide high aesthetics. In addition, as they are removable appliances, they make them comfortable. These aligners are very effective and the treatment is achieved by progressively changing them. Thanks to all this, very precise and fast orthodontic treatments are obtained at the same time.

Thanks to Smile Aligner orthodontics, the discomfort that fixed appliances, such as braces, can cause due to friction are eliminated. In addition, emergencies due to loss of cemented fixed appliances are also eliminated.  

The aligner treatment is always planned by computer, using specialized software with this Smile Aligner technique. Before starting the treatment, the patient can visualize the process of the entire orthodontic treatment, as well as how the teeth will move and the final result of the treatment. 

Thus, the invisible Smile Aligner orthodontics is an ideal treatment for all those who want to improve the position of their teeth without compromising aesthetics during the process, since this type of orthodontics provides aesthetics, comfort and normal hygiene for the patient.